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Individuals who are not confident speaking in front of an audience tend to feel anxiety and fear. This fear can become a negative spiral that keeps the speaker from taking action or making any change in their life. Whether looking for an art of speech club, or public speaking institute near me" on your small mobile screen, your search ends at the Leaders Club of India. We feel proud to help our members to become confident and influence others.

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Our Programs

Together we the people achieve more than any single
person could ever do alone.


During a public speaking workshop at our club, individuals can learn various skills and techniques to improve their public speaking abilities to perform activities.


In a debate workshop, individuals can learn how to argue their points of view and defend their position effectively. This may include researching.

Live Interviews

Politicians or working professionals learn the importance of being clear, concise, and confident in front of the media during workshops. They are taught to use language effectively

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